Maria el Mar originated from a passion for styling and interior design.

Founder Marlies has a good sense of fashion and trends. In addition to her job as a stylist at a Dutch fashion company in Amsterdam, she started her own company in June 2020.

“Giving oyster shells a stylish new life so that it is a becomes an exclusive accessory in your interior” - Marlies

With its characteristic lines and design, these 'golden' oysters are the eye-catcher in any interior and also an original gift. In addition, each shell is unique in its shape.

“I think the great thing about my work is the valuable feeling that I experience every time I make an oyster in a list. You work towards something and the end result remains special every time because no one is ever the same” – Marlies

Do you have a wedding, event or birth visit soon, the oysters can also be personalized with name or date. Let's make it special!

- Marlies -

Founder Maria el Mar